Tailored translation and copywriting for the hospitality sector

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Tailored translation and copywriting for the hospitality sector

Enhancing guest experience and attracting German customers who share your values

How you can benefit from German marketing texts

How you can benefit from German marketing texts

  • Increase direct bookings from German visitors
  • Create seamless communication to delight your guests
  • Get expert insight for cultural adaptation and localization
  • Augment your reputation and build trust

Attract and delight German guests with words that speak to their hearts

Attract and delight German guests with words that speak to their hearts

Get your message across

Provide a personalized and welcoming experience for your German-speaking visitors by addressing them in their native language.
Clear and accurate translations of your website, marketing material and menus give them all the information they need and the feeling that you really care about them.


Adapt as needed to fit their cultural preferences

Make your German guests feel safe and connected by adapting your message to the reader.
Avoid misunderstandings and make sure your texts resonate with them.


Enhance the guest experience

Offer a seamless experience for your German-speaking guests, from their first Google search to your website, all throughout their visit and beyond.
This builds trust and will make them want to come back and bring their friends.


Attract guests who share your values

By highlighting your eco-friendly initiatives and efforts towards a more sustainable tourism, you will attract guests who are happy to support hotels and restaurants that care for the planet.



Let's unlock the potential of sustainable hospitality together!

Let's unlock the potential of sustainable hospitality together!

Why work with me?


I believe that responsible tourism supports the local economy in a sustainable way, celebrating the beauty of nature while offering relaxation and enjoyment to the guests.


With my cultural and language expertise, I support destinations, hotels and restaurants so they can make a lasting impact by creating meaningful connections that go beyond language barriers.

Read more about me here.


Readable, relatable and reliable

Readable, relatable and reliable

A translation must be accurate in the sense that it conveys the intended meaning in the target language.


But to really attract and delight the reader, it should not be a word-for-word translation. Especially not one that sounds automatic.


For marketing material, a transcreation is the better option: Change whatever is needed to evoke the same feelings in German readers. Sometimes, that means leaving out or adding things.


You can be sure I always do that with your best interest in mind and I will let you know exactly what I changed and why.


Client feedback translation agency

An e-mail from the project manager of a translation agency, thanking me vor my availability, professionalism and kindness.

Client feedback translation agency

I have been working for Undertow Language Solutions since 2022, doing English to German translations and linguistic review for a customer in the agritech sector. Looking forward to many more projects together!

Client feedback restaurant

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Client feedback restaurant

"For the reopening of our Persian restaurant in Heidelberg, we needed our new menu translated into English at short notice. The task was not easy, as the menu contains a poem. Ms Scales completed the translation quickly and to our complete satisfaction, so that we still had enough time for printing. Her targeted queries showed that she really thinks things through. The cooperation was thoroughly pleasant and I am very happy to recommend her."


Shooresh Fezoni, Restaurant Darwisch



I love researching and learning new things. This is why I translate and write about a variety of topics. But three central themes come up time and again: food, travel, and nature.



I take your English copy and turn it into equally compelling German, adapting where necessary.


Some of the types of content I translate:

  • website copy
  • marketing material (online and print)
  • guest information and directories for hotels
  • restaurant menus and allergen lists
  • brochures and guidebooks



Sometimes, your German readers need other information than the English ones. Or you might notice there is something missing on your website, for example an update on your sustainability efforts. As a bilingual copywriter, I can help you out in both languages.


Here are some of my favourite forms of content writing:

  • website copy
  • blog posts about food, travel and sustainability
  • product descriptions for all things food and cooking


How to work with me

How to work with me

I listen to you, ask the right questions and write a text that achieves your goal.


Sounds simple?
It is, if you know exactly what you want to say, who should read it and what your intended outcome is.
If not, I will walk you through until we are both clear on the target group and approach.


Do you want to know more about me and how I can help you?
Get in touch and book you free 30-minute discovery call – no strings attached!

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Side note

I have a master's degree in cultural awareness.


Well, actually the programme is called "Cultural Anthropology and European Ethnology", and I added history and sociology to the mix. But what it has taught me first and foremost is that people perceive things differently depending on their cultural background.


If you want your message to resonate with readers from another country, make sure you don't just translate the words, but adapt it to their way of thinking. I can help you with that.


Cover of my novel Gaya - A Second Chance
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