Picture of Julia Scales on board of the Stena Line Ferry from Wales to Ireland, summer 2023

Food, travel, books

Food, travel, books

After several years of experience in tourism and publishing, I have been working as a freelance translator and copywriter since 2011. My main topics are tourism, culture and gastronomy, but I do translate and write about a wide range of other things, too.


I was born and raised in Southern Germany with a German mother and a British father. There is a habit in my family to marry people from different cultures, so I was used from very early on to switch languages and enjoy the diversity of people from all over the world.


I was trained as a foreign language correspondence clerk and international tourism assistant in Heidelberg and worked for a cruise operator and in a travel agency. Later I studied cultural anthropology, history and sociology in Frankfurt (my thesis focussing on Catalan cooking as a way to express cultural identity) and worked for the Frankfurt Book Fair and the Tre Torri Verlag, a publishing house specialised in books about food and wine.


Now I live in the Odenwald with my family, which is a very beautiful, hilly region between Frankfurt and Heidelberg. My vision is to bring more international tourists here.


In 2019, I fulfilled a life-long dream and published my first novel. In "Gaya - A Second Chance", a group of humans lands on an Earth-like planet with the intention of starting again without repeating the mistakes of the past. Of course, not everything goes as smoothly as planned.


I wrote it in German (Gaya - Entdeckung einer neuen Welt) and then translated it into English. It is available in bookstores and online, as print or ebook.


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Side note

Side note

I'm learning Irish (Gaelic) on Duolingo.


Why? The short answer is: Just for the fun of it!


The slightly longer answer: I do have Irish ancestors, although I guess the last one of those to speak Irish died about 200 years ago.


And I wanted to learn a language that was different from the ones I had learned before.

Irish certainly fits the bill for that. The grammar has some really interesting (and sometimes frustrating) special features. As I love figuring out things and finding rules in apparent chaos, that's perfect for me.

Cover of my novel Gaya - A Second Chance
Available in bookstores and online shops